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RE: Compilers, 2021 and beyond

RE: Compilers, 2021 and beyond
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Hi everyone,
Thank you for signing up! You didn’t have to and I hope you’ll stay for 2021 - I have some exciting content planned!
A Christmas Miracle
The last few days have been a little crazy for the blog. Seeing the LLVM post take off on Reddit, Hacker News and even Twitter has felt like a Christmas miracle. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for you upvoting, sharing and subscribing, so thank you.
New posts!
For now, here’s a new post on implementing concurrency and a runtime library for your compiler. It’s a topic I couldn’t find any tutorials on when I was implementing it, so I hope this helps you out!
If you’ve just joined, I’ve written up a review of the blog in 2020.
Resources from around the web
Sticking with the LLVM post:
  • GodBolt - a great compiler explorer tool!
  • The Kaleidoscope tutorial - a brilliant tutorial on LLVM.
I also read an excellent post on code review this month.
Launching a Newsletter
Going into 2021, I’ll be launching a regular newsletter. I’ll share the latest blog posts with you first, and I’ll also share additional resources for you to go further.
What would you like to see in a newsletter? Send me a reply, I’m all ears.
Until next time,
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